Terms of Use

Here is where you can find the obligatory legalese about how Brahmsy is not a life vest, nor is it flame retardant. Your usage of this site implies your consent to these terms. Please read on to learn about them, or feel free to reach out directly on email if you require further clarification on any aspect of your relationship with Brahmsy (the email address is available on the about page).

If you are an end user looking for things to do in your area

Great, enjoy!

If you are a competing event listing service

The event listings presented on this website are painstakingly gathered from a variety of sources. Please don't present them as your own.

While the data of course belongs to the respective sources where it was found, the aggregation of that data as gathered and presented by Brahmsy belongs to Brahmsy and may not be copied or gathered from Brahmsy by third parties without express permission. Of course linking to Brahmsy as part of general search results (eg google or facebook) with a cached preview of relevant search results is fine. Just don't take the data and present it as your own.

If you are an organizer or producer or artist

If you would like your event listed on Brahmsy, please send us a link to where your event is listed. Links only please.

If you would like your listing removed

Brahmsy always links back to the original sites, so consider it a free referral! But if for some reason you wish for your site to not be included, you can either put up a standard robots.txt file, or simply let us know in an email.


What you see is what you get. That means nothing additional implied here, use the information contained here at your own risk. Brahmsy strives for accuracy, but is not responsible for any consequences of its usage. For example, mistakes in listings can occur, and whether they cause you to waste time trying to attend a non-existant event, or perhaps your own event gets inaccurately listed causing you to lose attendance, all of that is on you dawg. We advise always clicking through to the source to verify a listing before planning around an event.



Brahmsy uses cookies to optimize your experience. Currently cookies are primarily used to remember your most recent search region so that future searches correctly default to the same region, but likely new uses will come up in future, eg for login session if/when a login feature becomes available.

Data about or belonging to you

Brahmsy uses 3rd-party analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, whose own privacy policy you may peruse separately, to gather usage statistics on this site.

Nothing lasts forever

With the passage of time comes change, noted in Buddhist dogma as one of the fundamental sadnesses of life. Nothing remains the same forever, and accordingly the terms on this page may change one day, and without notice. To quote Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins:

            A man has dreams of walking with giants
            To carve his niche in the edifice of time
            Before the mortar of his zeal
            Has a chance to congeal
            The cup is dashed from his lips
            The flame is snuffed aborning
            He's brought to rack and ruin in his prime 

It is however our sincere intent that any changes shall be for your and our betterment, not rack and ruin!

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