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I'm a huge fan of live performance. My thing happens to be classical music, which is painfully hard to find sometimes, especially if you care about composers and sub-genres. Most music listings gladly lump together 500+ years of music-making into just "classical", with a few paltry events, while dozens of specialized categories exist for music of the past few decades (rock, pop, punk, rap, country, blues, reggae, roots, and so forth).

Brahmsy is different. Try searching for "baroque music", or "Mozart piano" concerts. Brahmsy knows the difference.

But classical music is my thing -- perhaps yours is something different. Brahmsy currently has a strong focus on live music, but in the future Brahmsy aims to expand to serve all the "niche" live arts. Dance, poetry, jazz, talks, local theater, tasting tours, you name it. If it's local, small, non-mainstream, and live, Brahmsy will try its best to know about it so that you can find it!

Unlike other event sites, Brahmsy doesn't rely on ticket sales or social media to gather its listings. This means that:

  • Unlike ticket-driven sites, Brahmsy includes the many great events in your community that don't use a central ticketing service (or are free). Think universities, community centers, churches, local performance groups, and neighborhood venues. These smaller, more intimate events are often the best!
  • Unlike social-driven websites, Brahmsy exposes smaller lesser known events on an equal footing with larger mass-appeal events, resulting in a fuller, richer, more diverse set of listings.

Brahmsy strives especially to find the local performances that other sites miss, the intimate venues that have front-row seats as a matter of course.

Enjoy! And if you like it I hope you'll share it.

Ari, creator of


How can I list my event on Brahmsy?

If your event is posted on a website somewhere, send me the link. Since Brahmsy is an internet search engine, all events must come from a website.

Why the name Brahmsy?

Because Bach, the singular greatest by an unfathomable margin, is sacrosanct to me. Brahms, on the other hand, I have no problem commercializing ;)

Questions or comments?

You can connect with me at

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