Brahmsy live arts search was created to find live local shows, concerts, and events with an emphasis on universities, civic centers, churches, local performance groups, and "small ticket" or "no ticket" performances.

Other existing event sites generally fall into two categories, ticket-driven and social-driven, with these problems:

  • The problem with ticket-driven event sites is many of the best events in your community do not sell tickets, or do so through other channels, and so these smaller more intimate events (the best!) are missed completely
  • The problem with social-driven websites is that a huge active network of users is needed to get anything but patchy and unsatisfying search results. I have yet to find a social-driven event site that meets this bar
  • The result: other search sites miss the best events, the local shows in your community that don't have big marketing budgets or ticket sales but do offer the best chance to experience the magic of live up-close performance works differently. Brahmsy finds and includes those local performances that other sites miss, the intimate venues that have front-row seats as a matter of course. But enough talk -- I prefer to let the quality and depth of search result speak for itself.

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